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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I purchase a grave or do I need to go through a funeral home/director?

Yes, you may purchase a grave through the Sexton at the Cemetery. If you are making arrangements with a funeral director, they will help you get in contact with our Sexton to purchase the grave.

How do I purchase a grave through Spring Lake Cemetery?

The first thing you would do to purchase a grave is get in touch with our Sexton. The Sexton will show you the graves that are available and explain any rules that apply to the Section/grave you choose.

What rights do I have as owner of a grave?

The grave is to be used for burial purposes only and follow the rules of Spring Lake Cemetery.

What is Perpetual Care?

Perpetual Care is a fund set aside for future maintenance of the Cemetery. A portion of the cost of each grave goes into this fund. The Cemetery may only use the interest earned from this account to spend on maintenance.

What area of the Cemetery can I chose from?

The Sexton will show you what areas are available. The mid-section of the Cemetery is considered the current section where most of the available graves are located. However, the Sexton will show all of the graves available.

Why does the old part of the Cemetery look like there is plenty of room for more graves?

In the past years, a person would buy a block of graves which would consist of 12 graves for his family to use. As time went on, family members made other arrangements and decided not to use those graves. Those graves are not available since they were already purchased.

May I make necessary arrangements in advance?

Yes, you may make arrangements in advance to purchase a grave. Just contact the Cemetery Sexton to make those arrangements. Opening/Closing cost is to be paid at time of need.

Can I inter cremated remains in a grave?

Yes, cremated remains can be buried in a grave by the Cemetery.

How many people can be interred in one grave?

Options per grave space include:

  • One full burial

  • One full burial and one cremation

  • Two cremations

 A separate internment fee will be charged for each right of internment.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a place to keep cremated ashes in perpetuity at the Cemetery. Our columbarium is a granite structure located just North of our office with landscaping and benches. Please refer to the Columbarium tab on this web site.

Must I put a memorial marker on my grave?

No, a marker is not required. It would however, help family members find your grave in the future. No handmade markers are allowed. All markers must be preapproved with required permits.

How do I get a memorial marker on my grave if I want one?

You may contact our Sexton, who can help you purchase a memorial marker. The Cemetery is responsible for constructing a foundation. The fee for the foundation is dependent upon the size of the marker you choose. A marker may be purchased at another monument company but must be approved by the Cemetery in advance of being set on site. The Cemetery must approve all materials and shall be stone or bronze. The markers remain the responsibility of the owner of the grave.

May I put a fence or decorative rock around my grave?

No, hedges, fences, rock or enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around the graves. No wooden boxes, statues, wreaths, glass jars, bottles, straw or paper flowers, toys, cans and any other unsightly objects will be permitted.

May I transfer/sell the ownership of my graves to someone else?

Yes, you may transfer/sell your grave to someone else. You must provide the Cemetery the legal documents transferring the deed.

Will Spring Lake Cemetery buy my graves back?

No, the Cemetery will not buy back any graves.

Where does the money come from to maintain the Cemetery?

Spring Lake Cemetery is a nonprofit organization. Donations have been made to the Cemetery over the years. Income from investments provide the funds to maintain the Cemetery.

How can I get more information?

You can call our office and leave a message. (630-897-4044)
You can send us a letter.  Spring Lake Cemetery, 745 South Lincoln Ave, Aurora Il. 60505
Follow us on Facebook @ Spring Lake Cemetery-Aurora Illinois.

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