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In Ground Burials

Available offerings for traditional burials include:

  • One full burial per space.

  • Two cremations per space.

  • One full burial and one cremation per space.

A family monument section is now available for the public. There is a 4 space minimum purchase for Family Monuments.

Lot Sale Policy: No useable lots or blocks may be held, reserved or restricted for the convenience of any family or individual, unless that family or individual owns the interment rights for the said lot(s) or block. Spring Lake Cemetery may at its' discretion allow a maximum of a 30 day "courtesy hold" without a deposit on lot(s) for a family needing time to make a purchase decision.

All spaces sold within Spring Lake Cemetery are provided with Perpetual Care.

Contact us in the office for questions and more information regarding your families future needs.

In Ground Burials: Text
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