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Cremation Niches: Video

Today many families are choosing cremation as an alternative to traditional burial; and there are several ways to create a lasting memorial for loved ones to visit. We offer memorial benches, personal columbariums, and ossuary availability. Remains in the Ossuary are non retrievable. Cremation can be a much more affordable option for families.

Cremation Niches: Text

Personal Niches

Personal niches are a great option for families who are looking for something individualized and custom to their needs and desires. Personal columbariums are available with 2 and 4 niches.

Community Niches

For an economical, lower cost option, community niches are available in our above ground ossuary. Only one cremation allowed per Niche. Any decoration must be approved by Board of Directors. Engraving for ossuary is optional and must remain uniform as well as consist of names and years only.

Cremation Niches: Programs
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